How To Benefit From Social Networking And Only Work A Little At Doing It

Do you find it somewhat exhausting to do social networking? You may because the majority of people working online today do not want to spend all their time hanging out in social networking sites.

This brings up the question of how can you benefit from social networking without having it take over your life?
1. If you do not have a blog you need to start one right now. Hosting your own blog using the WordPress platform is the best way to do this.
Any serious Internet marketer can post one or two articles a week on their blog. There are a couple of key things you want to keep in mind when you do this.
First of all you should target a keyword phrase that is based on something relevant to the theme of your Internet business. Try and use a longtail phrase of three or more words.
The reason for this is you stand a better chance to rank high for those words than you do for shorter phrases and search engines will pick up on that.
Secondly you should social bookmark your blog post to some of the top directories. You can use a submission service such as to reach multiple directories with one click.
This includes bookmarking to Twitter, Facebook, Technorati and Stumbleupon which are some of the most important ones.
The benefit of social bookmarking is the amount of traffic and backlinks your site builds up. It also lets search engines know that you are constantly adding fresh content and they will begin to spider your blog on a more consistent basis.
2. You should find one or two discussion forums that you enjoy and hang out in those every week. This not only will increase your rankings in the search engines, but will increase your traffic flow too.
The key is to write posts and include keyword phrases you want in. You should also hyperlink your primary keyword phrase in your signature file to build up relevancy for that phrase.
3. One final point I want to make is about social media. You can benefit from adding audio and video to your site without creating them yourself.
Google owns YouTube and they are packed with thousands of relevant videos you can post on your blog for free.
This helps liven up your blog and make your visitors experiences more fun. By adding videos, audios, and graphics as well your blog becomes more exciting which will help increase the number of subscribers to your RSS feed and repeat visitors.
In summary you do not have to spend all day to benefit from social networking. It is important that you do participate at least in a small way as we have outlined in this post.

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    Hey Keith..
    Great information on this post. It’s funny every time I read a good post I come away with something new that I can use for my business. In this case it’s and I will proceed to check it out. Keep the good pointers coming..

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